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Bhumi-putra Architecture. 2019-2021 . Project Architect
Conceptual Design | Furniture Design | On-site coordination | Estimation | Execution supervision
As a part of the a 3-month long interior design project for a law office, I co-designed and coordinated for the design of all furniture units of the space including sliding partition doors, wall pannels, shelves, tables. We created shop drawings for the furniture and it was brought to site by a sub-contractor and assembled on site. We designed the interior space of the existing floor plan to accommodate new requirements for a law office that could be expanded post 5 years from inception.
Law office interior render
Law office finished photoLaw office interior design finished photos and shop drawings
Shree Jagannath Temple at Puri, Orissa is one of the holiest temples of India with high heritage value. Though the sanctity of the temple is revered, the immediate surroundings of the temple have been encroached by the locals, leading to chaos and mismanagement. The brief of the competition required a proposal for a plaza, 75m wide on all sides, from the temple boundary to achieve clarity and for the visitors along with creating a high-security zone around it against an expected terror attack.

Responding to the original temple structure, the award-winning design adapted to a modern context while respecting its roots by utilizing the horizontal louvers of the temple to recreate a modular system for various structures of activity and a combination of products for different activities. I was part of the competition winning team for the $52 million project.
Puri contextual history Puri Urban products design
system inteegration and urban sectionssouth plaza plan
The client’s brief for the project was to create an exclusive iconic housing with luxury amenities. We experimented with creating a new norm for luxury - a concept that meets sustainability and zero impact living, one that respects the context of Indian culture with handicrafts from local artisans rather than a designer piece from a different continent. The result is a prospective LEED Gold certified complex that caters to an eccentric crowd.
Render green towerrenders
concept diagrammingEnergy analysisBuilding close up section
Ethnography of Shantiniketan .  2018-19  . Research Assistant
Ethnographic interviews | Documentation | Measure drawing | User Interviews
The houses built for noble laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore were designed to satisfy his urge to be in communion with nature. They are examples of contextual modernity but in a way different from the remaining campus buildings. Tagore’s pantheistic view of nature, akin to American transcendentalist thinking, led to the houses in Shantiniketan being deeply rooted in local building vernacular, scaled to the human body, and built as a response to the landscape.

The study tries to understand these spaces from a context of behavior and explores the notion of ‘dwelling’ as living in harmony with nature. The ethnographic research process consisted of contextual interviews with current students and residents, documenting photographs, and understanding the usage of spaces from literature study from the Vishwa Bharati library. I also assisted in creating measure drawings for the different spaces and understanding analogies of the different spaces. The work was presented as an exhibition at the Architecture, Culture and Spirituality Forum 2019, Taliesin West.
Ethnography matrix
MIA Design Studio ( Ho Chi Minh City ). 2018 . Architectural Intern
Conceptual Design | Presentation | Schematic Design
I worked on the Alila Hoi An project for almost 4 months until conceptual design finalisation. My role involved creating presentation material including models, schematic drawing, working details and visuals. The $4 million project was a part of a $ 32 million development of the entire resort in Hoi An.
beach house alila render
Beach house alila Render and shop drawings
Mr.Tien’s Villa was a $5mn project of a luxury home on the banks of the Mekong River in Thao Dien. It included a Swimming pool overflowing towards the river and a poker room with glass partition of the pool. I got the opportunity to work on the working drawings and details of the villa.

Beach house alila Render and shop drawings
Beach house alila Render and shop drawings
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