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Ekinaka Exercise : Body culture for the busy
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2020 . Competition . Individual
Conceptual Design |  3D Visualization | UX Design
The theme for the competition was to improve and encourage physical activity as a “body culture club” in Japan as a stimulus to Tokyo Olympics 2020. The goal was to infuse lifelong sports that everyone, regardless of age or sex, can enjoy for maintaining health towards “the 100-year life” into Japanese culture. To have a place to practice and interact with this “Body Culture” to form an organization that is independent, created and organized by the parties, and brings together people with common interests.
The Suicide rate in Japan has been at an all-time high with 70 per day and attempts at 1500 per day. Most with reasons of depression because of karoshi. This project focuses on the positive effects of group exercise to improve the overall mental health scenario.
In an attempt to improve the overall well being and improve sports interest ahead of the olympics, mental and physical health of the citizens, the Tokyo ministry of health, labour and welfare. On conducting interviews, some of the common reasons for low interest in physical activity and sports seem to stem from the following:
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