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Vocational Eco-village for the underprivileged
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IIT Kharagpur . 2018-19 . B. Arch Thesis . Individual
Conceptual Design |  3D Visualization
How would it be if there was a place where orphan kids could learn with the gentleness of elders? What if beggars from the street were given a chance to inculcate skills to earn their living? What if there was a community living by the ideals of sustainability, generating a positive impact on their society rather than just existing? The proposed complex is a Sustainable Eco-village in Amaravathi, which includes a Vocational center, primary school, residences integrating an old age home with an orphanage.
In 2015, it was announced that Amaravathi would be a one of a kind smart city in the country and the new capital of Andhra Pradesh, India. The expected inflow of people and the level of sophistication calls for a city   that rehabilitates the current beggars and vagrants in the area. The proposal thus aims to gather derelicts to a location where they have a meaning and help for organizing their lives to upsurge their living standards and create a positive impact on the community as a whole. The main goal is to evolve a mutually tolerant society that is educated on the goals of not only self-sustainability but also towards creating a positive net impact on the context, a community where there is interdependency of everyone’s duties with the integrated functioning of the campus.
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